Sharpening focus

How data analytics transforms commercial contracting strategies


Many of the inaccurate discounts that cause revenue leakage for drug manufacturers are related to their commercial agreements with pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). When it comes to understanding the true impact of their contract terms, manufacturers may not be seeing the whole picture — especially if they don't have a solution in place to validate commercial utilization data at scale. This puts them at a disadvantage when it's time to meet PBMs at the negotiating table.

Kalderos' upgraded Commercial Discount Monitoring solution uncovers ineligible rebates and surfaces the data necessary to understand contract performance, supporting manufacturers at every stage of the contracting life cycle.

On November 1, Micah Litow and Sarah Braunstein will host a live webinar investigating the pressures that complicate commercial contracting. They'll discuss how data access and transparency can revolutionize manufacturers' approach to the negotiation and renegotiation process.


Micah Litow, Kalderos President & Chief Operating Officer

Natasha Miner, Sr. Customer Success Manager, Manufacturer

Date: November 1 at 1 p.m. CT

Mark your calendar for November 1

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Covered in this webinar:

  • The trends and pressures that are making commercial contracting tougher than ever
  • Why just having more resources isn't enough to achieve your commercial contract goals
  • The high stakes for market access, underwhelming launches and falling short of market expectations
  • The advantages of narrowing your target for greater success in contract negotiations
  • How an enhanced data analytics solution can transform your hand at the negotiating table